Yes, my friends, I've seen a lot in the automotive world, to a large extent had to go, to experience the delights of all the foreign auto industry – brand badge and flashed before his eyes, could hardly remember the particular four-wheel their representatives and record these impressions on the site … It seemed that now I can neither surprise nor strike nor a single machine, and even more so stock up in the heart. Because it is already defined own priorities, and a kind of "pedestal of my avtofavoritov" has already lined up. But no! Surprise was in exactly a New Year's Eve, as it were, the final year of test drives, and finishing at the highest and most prestigious brand Europe – Mercedes. Guys, I'll tell you honestly that this feeling of puppy enthusiasm has not caused me any other car.

And he may have something to choose, but even dear to my Volvo S80 – no, not dimmed in my eyes, did not become worse or unworthy of the palm – no, just … she has moved into second place, with whom is not exactly get away. A first won – on the right, dignity, quality and so forth, away, away … – Mercedes R-Class, as declared by the manufacturer minivan. Elongated cigar-shaped, muscular yet elegant mersedesovski in the body of the car rather like a short, but long off-road than on the minivan. In principle, I would just as well call it – a good synthesis, half-breed, a cross between a jeep and a family minivan.

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