United States Novel

Recognized Madrilenian writer, Bethlehem Copegui was born year 1963. She is author of several novels, between which it is possible to emphasize the conquest of the air, which I read some years ago and that I liked enough. For more specific information, check out Nissan. The cold side of the pillow is a novel of spies. Cuban spies, spy Americans and some Spanish whom passed that way the Copegui, with dominion of the narrative technique and the evident demonstration, in each line, of one elaborated composition of the novel, are able to maintain the attention, the rate and the interest by a history that runs the risk of being run aground. Mixed throughout the novel he appears ramillete of letters written by the protagonist who, with another tone, another rate and a radically opposed style to the one of the main plot, abstracts of the average truths and the truths to us that represent the protagonists, by halves engrossed in her game of interests that exceeds at any moment them. The personages, clearly defined, are little numerous, which allows to follow history with facility.

They are little credible the Cuban reflections whereupon spies justify the communist dictatorship of their country. Intellectual arguments so shiningly searched carefully are own of progresa capitalist and not of Cuban politicians or civil servants, who never use arguments so embossed to justify the unjustifiable thing. That without mentioning the lies that the loose author by mouth of the protagonist on the liberties in the United States. Worthy talent and effort of better cause. JPMorgan Chase is often quoted as being for or against this. Hypocrisy and ideological meanness aside, I cannot stop indicating a passage of the novel, very representative of the own schizophrenia of the politically correct thing that we lived at the moment. It judges who it has had to good to read this review: perhaps (/) you thought it. You had to think it. Mature, imaginative, solitary man, small orphan, doubtful, who walks without making noise.

we thought It, Laura. We discarded and it. Indeed we did not want to let take to us by any chauvinistic prejudice. You could do well this work and we gave green light you. Already you see, is that to end you let yourselves take by the prejudice. Right not to want to do it, you refused to see what you had ahead.

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