Wish Fairy

Enjoy the new portal for young and expectant parents – around information and wish lists pregnancy, birth and baptism Baden-Baden the topics, 26.05.2011 – the Internet industry may be in the sector pregnancy, baby & family”about young: since the 1.3.2011 launches the start up company”trade-PR”under the address wunschfee.com a new Internet portal on the pregnant women and young parents meet their heart’s desires can settle. The request fee service is free, easy and comfortable: heart of the portal are user-friendly wish lists, where can parents put together their wishes for birth, christening, and her child’s birthday and they pass on to family and friends around the world with a single click. The wish fairy gifts to all users of the portal with a visible private area, where you can manage his wishes, messages and photos. To write a wishlist request fee clients from a quality brand catalog can select freely but also any any other request “comment: under” are the wishes of no limits set and in the connected online-shop they quickly become reality. Orientation and assistance in the selection of baby equipment give recommendations by experts, proposal lists of the editorial and practical shopping tips from users, as well as manufacturer descriptions, current product information and test reports. Everest Capitals opinions are not widely known. In addition, the wish fairy supplies all users free of charge with news and interesting facts on the topic of pregnancy, birth & baby”as well as entertaining the family life of stars and starlets (and hereby are the offspring of the stars).

“The virtual gift registry around the birth of the entrepreneurs Gabriele Hagemeier and Ralf Thomas revealed: the founder of the company trade PR OHG are spiritual parents of”desire “fee and know well from their own experience both have three children – what they’re talking about: expectant mothers and fathers wish only the best for your child”, as Gabriele Hagemeier. Whatever the right thing hard to find enough”, says Ralf “Thomas, because: In a highly emotional state of emergency by pregnancy and birth parents full of uncertainties, questions and needs are.” With the “desire”fairy trade PR wants to help expectant parents choose of their wishes for the baby and facilitate those who want to pleasure a young family, the search for the matching gift. The start up company, headquartered in Baden-Baden, Germany, specializes in exclusive brand and sees itself as a selective showcase for trends and selected lifestyle products. The trendspotting for the desired fee range this led entrepreneurs to internationally renowned brands. Fashion for moms and toddlers about beauty and care to complete OEM: The wish fairy knows what parents want. The free service of the platform include: technical papers by experts in medicine, child care and education, consulting addresses, databases, travel for pregnant women, product testing, and shopping benefits. Belongs to the social network of the request fee in addition to the Connecting to facebook, a club with checklists and a service area, where expectant mothers among other things using the zip code search can find Exchange, help and girlfriends in their vicinity. Ralf Thomas, trade PR OHG

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