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Spirits specialist shipping optimizes its online store after extensive preparations has the specialist shipping Conalco presents an optimized and improved in many ways online shop a few days ago on his website. The spirits specialist from Bremen aims to facilitate the playing of whisky, gin, rum, vodka and many other alcoholic beverages to syrup and bar accessories with a clear representation, valuable product information and ease of use customers. Ease of use and service are available for the lovers of spirits in the first place when customer finds it is now on the Internet pages of the online shop much easier form. The over 2,000 different spirits in the offer of trade shipments Conalco are divided into several meaningful categories, so that for every occasion the best alcoholic beverage can be found quickly. Currently there is the category party liquor, where typical beverages for drinks and cocktails parties are classified. Are also categories for well-known brands, such as about absolutely, Monin or Badel. In addition can be navigated using the improved search function by which similar search terms be found easily through the online shop.

Further information in the form of a short description to many products, we offer, and every item the customer can see what number he would reach the shipping allowance of 100 euros. Valuable tips and suggestions to any spirit can be found in the testimonials. The range of products offers also great suggestions. These contain only articles which have already purchased by other customers along with this spirit. More information about the liquor trade mail order to the improved Internet presence it also heard that the spirits merchant provides its customers to learn more about the company and regularly reports about new products. A self representation of the development of Conalco OHG is to look under the about us. Via social networks such as Facebook and Google +. can customers tell their friends and acquaintances from immediately their favorite spirit and sit with the shipping dealer.

The customer hotline now on weekdays between 10: 00 and 16: 00 at the disposal. In addition, questions can be asked as always quickly and easily via email. Related links on the subject of spirits: contact: Conalco OHG wall 73 28195 Bremen Mr. Mirko Berger Tel.: 0421-68 53 55 53 fax: 0421-68 53 55 54 Web: mail: info at

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