Company Show

Not necessarily as examples to give their biggest blunders. The main thing is that by naming its omission, could you show how you do it corrected and saved the company out of trouble (or minimized). Error gloomy perception of reality: the complaint against fate, bad luck, injustice and standing unsolved problems in all other charges people and external circumstances. Can not show any serious weakness that affects the decision on hiring. Beware: you can fall into the trap, giving one of the following responses: I do not recall such a situation.

It will show you how incredible perfection or completely naive person, unable to foresee or to learn from problems and mistakes. Other leaders such as Robert Kiyosaki offer similar insights. Give an example of an unpleasant situation, but does not make clear in the narrative that history will have a happy ending! Comments. What do they want to know? First of all, what action you took, then to correct the situation. And even better to show by example that you previously learned that things can go wrong, as need, and what steps you took to prevent this. Remember, you are not Mr. Ideal, mistakes happen at all! Try to prepare samples that are close to the work for which you are applying for.

For example, to prepare a story of failure, for you do not bear the full responsibility, but take the blame … The failure to develop into future success, you change for the better. Refer to the wise: All that does not kill us makes us stronger.

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