Federate Spain

Thousands of young Spaniards, superbly qualified, are marching to Argentina because here they don’t find jobs commensurate with their preparation. Thus, as he does not want the thing, we carry and a half century of traffic from one to the other side of the Atlantic. In the 19th century was emigration overseas, as it was then, said gallegos and other countrymen looking for something to put in the mouth. Those verses of the great Rosalia de Castro gathered: with malenconia / look for or sea / I than noutras terras / ten looking bread. After the civil war, emigration was more selective, though equally forcible, of intellectuals affected the Republic: Perez de Ayala, Sanchez Albornoz, Miguel de Molina, Eduardo Zamacois and dozens more. Then the road was done in reverse: Argentines who were fleeing their country after the bloody military coup of 1976 and the subsequent brutal suppression of Jorge R.

Videla and his objevtive. Later, a massive new getaway: this time from the subsequent misery to the financial playard that she sank the Argentine middle class. Now, what you see, are our young people who seek to again make the Americas in late imitation of their great-grandparents. Isn’t that history will repeat, but he ridicules, as said Carlos Marx, and sorry for the appointment. For more information see this site: bridgewater associates. The truth is that if one walks through the care Buenos Aires district of Belgrano, in the gardens of La Recoleta or by the bustling Florida Street one believed found in Madrid, this is the similarity of the landscape and of the citizens. In addition, with so many comings and goings, who don’t have a cousin, albeit distant, in the homeland of Borges and Cortazar? Therefore I propose that, while Spain will crumble slowly but inevitably see, if not, the result election in Catalonia, with the election of Joan Laporta included, what remains of our country will federate with Argentina, where insurance will find more receptivity to the idea that in the Basque nationalist Joseba Egibar, who ranting up against the Spanish national football team. On the other hand, Portugal the autonomy that fewer problems causes us, as always ironizes my brilliant friend Javier Paniagua, rector of UNED Valencia presented a failed bid jointly with Spain for the World Cup in 2018. So, with travelling companions who we want as Portuguese and Argentines, would maybe have better collective future that with some interior enemies willing to destroy our coexistence as soon as minimum opportunity of doing so are given the most.

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