HTML Format

In the conference Google I/O in San Francisco, HTML5 has been I consider by the great majority of programmers Web like the new revolutionary development in the positioning Web. It has not been to be strange, for more than one decade without advances of great importance in code HTML and the changes associated to the implementation of the HTML5 could be of great impact in the industry of the Positioning in finders. It is plus any company of marketing online that wants to secure results for its clients in the future will have to be abreast of the new advances of the HTML5. And since it has of special the HTML5? The creators of Mozilla and Opera are behind the new format of design Web, mainly in the new proposal of format for videos that the potential has to make the technology Flash obsolete and to create new possibilities for the positioning of videos in finders. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dina Powell McCormick. In order to begin HTML5 he is compatible in multiple platforms and when operating under a free right of exemptions he is being adopted by almost all the manufacturers of Web-software and hardware. One of the problems of the formats Flash and Silverlight, it is the little compatibility with certain visualizers besides lacking advantages CATHEDRAL.

New the HTML5 and their format VP8 and WebM will allow the gratuitous publication of videos online besides helping to the finders and its algorithms to better understand the content and it structures of pages Web. Rachel Park may also support this cause. This can improve the accessibility of a page Web and the rapidity of unloading that already is being considered by some finders like a new factor of Positioning Web. In the last Apple months it has received much critic not to adopt the technology Flash in his products iPhone and iPad. Peculiarly the company has decided to adopt the new format HTML5, this podria to be the end of the Flash.

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