IDENT AutoID Technology Center

smartSCANNDY barcode and RFID data (LF, HF) and optionally via a Bluetooth communication for desired radio Applications macro is has IDENT authorized dealer of the German manufacturer’s first, and thus has complete portfolio, smartSCANNDY as – and SCANNDY series. Today, the Munich-based company introduces the miniature scanner smartSCANNDY. The small smartSCANNDY series is that the devices are compact and very easy to use. Especially in the area of the optimization of ordering the small scanner ideal. With battery or battery operated scanner captures mobile bar code or RFID data and then passes the data to a computer via USB. A Japanese high-tech laser module – reading for barcode – ensures accurate, fast reading results, even with low-quality bar codes. In addition a high range of depth sharpness, which allows easy handling of the scanner for the less experienced user. SmartSCANNDY is equipped with Bluetooth, so are the scanned At the same time transfer bar code or RFID data.

The communication can be done in both directions, so it is also possible to perform the scanning operation of the connected computer to control so the user software on the computer side. The ability to allow a scan task from the application software produced and prevent increases the reliability of the entire application. On request smartSCANNDY meets its task as stationary or mobile scanner. Switching between the modes is done by simply scanning of a bar code-switch codes. SmartSCANNDY is used in the presentation mode, so he is in “Hab eight position”. In this mode scans smartSCANNDY does not go as usual with 100 scans per second, but only occasionally to detect the presence of a barcode. Delivered a barcode in the reading pane of the scanner smartSCANNDY will automatically switch into the high-performance mode and recognizes the bar code quickly and safely.

Then jumps in the resources saving presentation mode smartSCANNDY again. So, energy is saved and the life of the Laser module promoted. The data are transferred automatically with the smartControl technology. The data decorated either with time stamp automatically without user intervention in an automatically-defined application (E.g. Word, Excel, access,…) directed and directly started on request. In addition, a standard text file can be generated with date and time for each data transfer.

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