The Market

It all depends on the type of start is with the fact that too many signs of the "right" of watermelon are not universal and depends on the variety. So to start is to talk about the most popular ones. For example, the most common varieties – "Astrakhan striped" and "Melitopol '- the ripe, the more pronounced difference between dark and light bands near the tail. They reach their full maturity in August. "Volga" watermelon – spherical, smooth, light green, without strips. It is ripe when its skin is very pale, almost white.

This occurs usually until early September. Uzbek sort of "Chait-kara" which appears on the market after all, deserves attention when it skin, in contrast, dark, almost black-green. A good watermelon should be a lot size – this is the first sign of watermelon, which is worth attention. Really good is almost always quite large watermelon. So, asking you to choose a watermelon seller smaller, but ripe, you obviously want the impossible. Of course, the specific weight of the watermelon is largely dependent on the variety, but a universal rule is: choose those that somewhat larger than average in that particular party. However, beware of too gigantic animals on the background of the smaller brethren.

It is possible that they "drank" the excess fertilizer. With regard to the weight of the regular watermelon, for the most popular in Moscow, Astrakhan varieties must be not less than 5 pounds and measuring just more than a football. There is another theory regarding the weight.

The Iris

The circumference of the iris is divided into zones. The inner belt reflects the state of digestive organs, the average – transport of substances, their utilization and allocation of kidneys, the outer one – the morphological structure of the skeleton and skin. The iris shows exactly where localized disease, which authorities involved in the disease process, the presence of emotional or mental disorders. Thus, iridology covers the whole structure of the body and can detect violations of the functioning of individual organs and systems. The method iridodiagnostics many advantages: the absence of contraindications, non-invasive, absolutely painless and harmless, aesthetics of the survey process that allows users of any age identify a genetic predisposition to some disease (including prior to its clinical manifestation) to assess the individual characteristics of the organism, the status of broncho-pulmonary, neurological, vascular, etc. systems to identify inflammation and malfunction of an organ, to inform about the presence of a pathological process, its limitations, the nature of the flow phase. Iridology is the early methods diagnosis, and is able to capture the initial form of the development of pathologies, possible complications at the level of individual organs, and at the level of tissues. It allows you to identify the beginning of a pathological process in the preclinical, asymptomatic period, when the usual diagnostic methods do not allow to recognize the disease.

Medical diagnostic system Iriscreen – is a specialized software package that is designed for iridodiagnostics. The system combines the method of examination and new advanced technologies in a perfect tool, which allows ample opportunity to conduct research effektivnye high. Complex Iriscreen has an intuitive interface that focuses on the average user, enables the diagnosis in normal mode and maintenance mode, the user provides the storage of personal data each patient. The diagnostic system allows to assess the acquired diseases and the genetic status of the individual, functional and morphological characteristics of the organism, susceptibility to certain diseases. With it you can get a good assessment of the lymphatic, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary, immune, endocrine and nervous systems, musculoskeletal system. Features of the complex Iriscreen: Database management of patients, the projection of the scheme on the photograph, the choice of iridology scheme to work, marking and preservation iridoznakov for each patsieta; mode support user automatically generate conclusions, editing opinion, drafting a prescription from a list of herbal remedies used, printing and sohranienie report in a separate file. Areas of primenenieya Iriscreen: an early diagnosis, rapid diagnosis for mass baseline medical examination, in-depth survey, individual selection of herbal remedies and medicines for each patient, monitor the effectiveness of treatment activities. A detailed description of the diagnostic system on the site

Russian Federation

Having in hand such a powerful tool for regulation of training organization need to know how to use it, because it affects future employees. As society develops growing level of technological development and the creation of a competent medical enterprise predetermined structure development of organizational and methodological tools, and improving methods and ways of checking for compliance with the doctors office. A few words about the important things. There are various types and methods of verification of medical employees. They are all connected to some kind of testing. If you take a history, a few years ago it was a simple test, followed by an examination interview. He carried a paper-and representing a number of relevant questions with answer choices on them. Appraisee possessed a certain amount of time to arrange the correct answers.

Upon completion of testing and validation of the results and interviews with the appraisee manager made the decision on the future of the employee. At the present stage of technology development are the evaluation has not changed, only improved ways to carry it out. Today it is mostly automated testing, conducted with the help of computer programs, which are, as software products developed within the enterprise, and powerful computer systems from other manufacturers. Use Computer beneficial in evaluating in terms of fairness and protection of data. The moral qualities of certain leaders evaluating their employees, promote the adoption of biased decisions regarding the subsequent fate of the test. This could bring serious losses quantitative staffing of medical facilities.

Otherwise, bias may lead to unnecessary Extension of contract with the employee. These critical aspects play a fundamental role in justifying the use of computer systems testing, and the theme of conscious and unconscious attitudes of the objective appraisee managers to recede into the background, and almost completely outlives you. It is worth noting also that the certificate, as a result of certification, of course, has its own validity. Based on this the employer has the right not only to make personnel changes, but also fire employees based on labor legislation of the Russian Federation. The site first aid stations Ekaterinburg be trained to certification can be anyone. Obstetrics, cardiology, intensive care, psychiatry, this theme available for testing. Themes are constantly added and supplemented with new questions. With the rules of testing can available on the website, under testing. Statistics in a report is only available to the user, and have no legal force. Good luck in passing the test!

Pharmaecutical Market

Svetlana Abramova, Nikita Polyakov One of the most visible innovations pharmaceutical market of the last decade of the last century has been the emergence (late 90s) and the subsequent systematic increase in the number of pharmacies in the open form of trade. Of course, modern self-service format allows pharmaceutical organizations numerous benefits (merchandising, fashion, product lines, etc.) to traditional pharmacies, but at the same time carries its own costs and drawbacks. Among these limitations include, first of all, theft of customer goods in the public domain. Of course, to nullify the "unauthorized removal", but rather simply theft, drugs and parafarmatsii of "free buying zone "is unrealistic, but to achieve its maximum reduction – can be. Staff is NOT ALL … To understand how serious is to "open" pharmacy theft problem, suffice it to say that even as law-abiding countries, As the U.S. and Germany, the proportion of thefts in farmamarketah ranges from 1-2% of annual turnover.

It turns out that the economic success of the pharmacy with the open form of sales is determined not only literate pricing and sophisticated marketing, but also a set of measures for the prevention of "withdrawal" of goods from the trading rooms. To begin, we note that, of course, its role in the preservation of the goods is the human factor – vigilance guards and farmpersonala. However, the rate for employees alone, in practice, ineffective. In farmspetsialistov focuses on its own, especially pharmaceutical functions, which is to protect, and then beyond the limits of vigilance, "all things to" they can not (even in the pharmacy, "supermarkets" in the trade area of 100 square meters.