Medieval Ethics

Giving beginning to the supreme orders that start to act as regulating of the human behavior. Orders these that oriundam the rules of behaviors? moral and ethics – originating God and point with respect to God as the last end. Thus being, the human being only reaches its full accomplishment, when the proper one if raises to this supernatural order, what it is only possible, when starts to live truths according to disclosed, absenting itself of the existenciais values of the humanity. Acting a ilusrio period of training of deep ataraxia, turning it rules and norms structuralized in one practise fraternal caridosa of the love for its next one, becoming to renegar as the plain one. Guiding our vision, the Medieval Ethics, it is presented total alicerada in the Christian principles, impose the society a dogma, in which its moral supreme principles that, for they turn God, has for itself an absolute and incondicionado imperative character. Trying to inside regulate the behavior of the men of this society. In this context, the medieval ethics start to contemplate the men less fortunate? economically and socially -, with a vision of equality between itself and its pairs, necessarily in a period of refutation human being. Then, in this new perspective of vision, this oppressed man, limited, explored, it starts to have a same perspective of equality that this, occurs only in the plain spiritual.

But so that this could have and present coexistence alone could occur inside in a contextualizada society of a reality with conditions of total inaquality. Only thus, the Christian message presents a deep significant content and moral of existence in the Average Age, that is, the presentation of a salvation, when he was completely ilusrio and utopian to consider it real accomplishment of the equality and other truths disclosed to the human beings. However, we can verify that the Medieval Ethics, was only plus one of the countless instruments used for the governing, to oppress to manipulate, to domar and to brighten up the force of the people. As much that, this if presents rooted in the philosophy classic Greek, which leads the intellectuals the reason and not it dogmtica submission imposed by the Catolicismo. Therefore, Medieval Ethical q, does not present subsidies rational, real and practical to be seen as a way salvation human being and its soul. Well, as, same it is not capable of if leading its proper salvation.

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