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This search, fruitful in this context, although unfinished, takes it to live its existence to come across itself with the greater of its arrests, the freedom to choose and the responsibility for itself. The increasing one I appeal tax for the current society and ruling classes, not more the church, but the economic power, now imposes upon the individual always to opt to some thing, that collated with its freedom of choice and uncertainties before the consequences, to live the anguish feeling. The Modernity, the Man and the Anguish Emerson Martins Garci’a Key words: anguish, existentialism, history, man, individual, century XX Summary: This article, in search of identify the reasons of feeling of anguish, explores summarily the line of history from Middle Ages, searching place the Man in the context registered and the possibles difficulties found by he devotes himself his to you own knowledge. 4341.html ‘>Steven P Rosenthal for a more varied view. Fron Sren Aabye Kierkegaard (1813-1855) and fron existentialism, is in century XX, that the individual Man himself identify, therefore, ready you eats across with his liberty and consequentially with the anguish.

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