Victorian Period

After the long Alice fall it arrives at ‘ ‘ Parents of maravilhas’ ‘. It comes across itself with many obstacles in its way and these are decided of magical form. These magical elements can be seen as a critical one to logical and rational the thought that were gifts in century XIX. A time where in ‘ ‘ Country of maravilhas’ ‘ the logic and the reason lose felt giving place to the magical element as only option to decide the things, Lewis Carroll contests the religious and dogmtica morality and the rationality who believed to be able to decide all the problems of the society.

The narrative, the principle, in them presents a set of peripcias where the irrationality is dominant, however, we can see in Alice in the country of the wonders a magical shelter where the main personage can become free itself of the oppression, of the rules, trying different and the forbidden one without if worrying about the consequncias, therefore the fear is not present in ‘ ‘ Country of maravilhas’ ‘. The critical ones to the Victorian Period do not stop for there, still have another significant subversion that is the figure of the queen. The Queen Victory was an important figure very for the period, in such a way social as economically. The regimen effective politician in England was the parlamentarista monarchy. The government was exerted for the Minister of State, more known as prime minister, and for the parliament. The Queen, although the figure important that it was, it had the power limited politician, therefore the parliament had the power to choose prime minister and to also take off it of the position. The Queen of Pantries in the Country of the wonders, although to be feared, she was not taken so the serious one thus. Its orders never were executed.

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