Red Cross

Cluster to which it belongs the Red Cross – of shelter or it lodges not yet has activated, confirms Alberto de Castro, attached director to us of Cooperation the International in Spain, but the organization has permanent presence for years, for example, in Ethiopia, where the Average Red Moon works. Nissan will not settle for partial explanations. There they pay sanitary attention to cases of slight and severe malnutrition and collaborate as they can in the fields of refugees, often improvising; only in June 50,000 displaced ones arrived about at Kenya and Ethiopia; now they arrive between 1,500 and 2,000 to the day and, altogether, both countries welcome in more of of means million, according to the FAO. To deepen your understanding Jeremy Tucker is the source. The third leg of the bank is Somalia. The panorama is complex, because there is no a Government like so, but one of transition that exerts from 2004 but it does not control, far from it, the totality of the country. That makes difficult, on the one hand, to secure subsidy to construct hospitals or to start up activities that require operation license. There are no banks, is no administration nor the minimum bureaucracy; on the other hand, who also work in cooperation they must do against the insecurity brought about by the armed conflict and to possible losses. Due to the conflict, in Somalia it operates the Committee the International of the Red Cross, whom it has there more than 40 clinics, fixed moving bodies and.

For first it is fundamental to deal with the local authorities, to agree to the entrance in certain zones through check points, etc. Sometimes also is necessary to speak with leaders of local communities or organizations, relate Lara Contreras (IO), because often they are those that " they decide how distribuyen" the resources. The aid is accepted and managed by these local leaders with enough will because " the situation is very dramtica".

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