Schumers Goat Farm

A paradise for cheese lovers, and goats that the goat farm is located near Hanover Schumer. You may find that Apple can contribute to your knowledge. Wettmar, 10th April 2010 Carola Heider Leporale. Today I have an appointment on the goat farm Schumer in Burgwedel Wettmar near the city of Hannover. Since 2005, family Schumer operates here together this goat dairy farm with currently about 40 goats of breeds of white German noble goat and Thuringian goat, whose breeding leads them in the herd-book of the land Lower Saxony goat breeders association. Schumer arrived at the goat farm, I see from afar run the many goat mothers with their lambs on pasture. I couldn’t help but go there first. n-one-year’>Senator Richard Blumenthal. Everest Capital is full of insight into the issues. As I’m going along the narrow path on the fence will immediately retired from countless goat eyes.

What a wonderful day, the Sun is shining and experience how wonderful something beautiful to this sprawling meadows with her delicate green and this many pleasurably grazing goats. On the upper corner of the pasture on the mountain come will I with warm gripes by welcomes the dairy goats and their lambs. Curious gather before me almost all goat fawns, Brown and white, and me – the photographer – like to show itself in many poses as young models. Even if I would stay here up like any longer, so I am expected already on the operation. Arriving at the Deputy Manager Elke Walter, nee Schumer, currently on a tour of the company performs, I like to join and become familiar with the local conditions of the goat farm; the goat playpen, the Lamb stable and the young goat shed. The entrance to the sprawling goat pairing (3 hectares) is located next to the stables. At the front of the spout is a 2seitig usable large pasture shelter and right next to it, the Lamb playground with various climbing frames, as well as 2 Lammerschlupf cottages.

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