Stringed Instruments For Professionals And Discerning Of Cassandra Elk Design

Stuart M. Bilcock builds custom guitars and similar instruments of the piece up to small series of good musicians are individualists and wizards – they convey feelings that can touch and turn. Their instruments are therefore not only tools. You’re more something that cannot be expressed in words just with the sound of music”. Stuart M. Bilcock is musician, artist and designer and builds, and invents stringed instruments for the professional needs for over nine years.

Prominent musicians such as the Beatles partner Klaus Voormann, Pete Haycock belong to its customers and fans (ex. Climax blues band, electric light Orchestra), Reggie worthy (ex IKE & Tina Turner) or Glen Turner (Beatles revival band, ex Joe Cocker Band) to name just a few. With Klaus Voormann, he developed an achtsaitige guitar called Vootar, for example, two extraordinary instruments, the guitar and bass combines (report in the magazine guitar & bass”in the January 2009 issue), as well as an acoustic guitar called Rusha. Bilcocks repertoire ranges from medieval instruments such as the Geyer lyre or guitar style of the lyre on the body of the Stringfamily sound up to the Gothic metal”. All stringed instruments are handmade and newly designed with individual sounds. MP3 sound samples of the instruments are on the website. The Stringfamily”for example are instruments that are built according to the principle of Stringboards and suitable particularly well for music education, music therapy, and jam sessions. Arise from the single piece up to small series precision instruments for the professional musicians but also for the beginners as also the far East violins”for the narrow purse.

2004 Bell & head “a complete guitar series designed, made known the Bilcock in musician circles. Please visit Marko Dimitrijevic, author if you seek more information. “” The trademark Moose “such as the Moose paddle” pointed out. Stuart M. Bilcock is currently working on the design of a ukulele for the circus Roncalli, and various designs for guitars scratchplates. Surprising and novel awaits the visitor on its Web site again and again. And maybe a new love for the music.

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