William Mammlerom

One day a friend of mine showed me a picture taken them on the occasion of some celebration. Photo at first glance was the usual: relatives, who sit at the banquet table. But in the background next to a screen shot themselves in TV could see someone's hand. However, according to the photographer, at a time in this place absolutely no one there, because all the people in the room, posing for a picture. Show me this picture, I would described as a fairly sober person, it is not inclined to draw. By then Adobe Photoshop was not yet (it was early 90s). In short, there has been a manifestation of the photograph of something, completely unrelated to our world.

That is, my friend managed to impress against his will "hello" from the afterlife. History of photography "ghost" began almost immediately with the appearance of the photo itself. The first such case was officially registered photograph made by American photographer William Mammlerom in 1862. It was like this: decided to somehow capture Mr. Mammler themselves in a picture, loaded into the machine plate and sat down in front of the lens. After the shooting, showing a portrait of our American photographer in terror ran to the police demanded a thorough investigation. At the station, he showed a printed picture and get excited talked about how the developer after pictures next to him was embodied by his cousin Sarah Mammler, who died 12 years ago. Something like this picture has been described in the police report: "In the picture, as the material seized proof, was the gentleman of middle age, dressed very elegantly and stylishly.

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