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Your role in helping acquire the vision and approach needed to achieve them. Secondly, it is necessary that you take the time to show you the system of work that follows your organization and all the programs and activities available to him or her and to its affiliates. Invite you to take part or engage in programmes of education and training, workshops, presentations scheduled business, etc. At this point, it is necessary to emphasize that strategically you help to get involved today, not tomorrow or next week. How you manage this? Making that the share with your list. I.e., inviting your prospects to be part of the activities of your working system. Help you practice what you say or write to your prospects.

This is very useful and productive. In the case that does not have list of prospects, then help you create one. Always be specific in what you have to do and achieve. Don’t let you it guess it. Many people need to be told specifically what they have to do. Gives you time.

Show yourself before him. Return calls or messages. Does not evadas it. And I know always sincere and enthusiastic. Share what you learn with him or her. That way you show who you really are and what you do. Help you giving you new ideas or sharing some strategies of prospecting and/or sponsoring that you are developing. Recommend to your sponsored books, audio, video or other material that will help them be better leaders, communicators, and multilevel successful entrepreneurs. In the end, become a magnetic sponsor means being responsible for the success of your affiliate. It does not mean to join your organization. The absence of a magnetic sponsoring will take you to the lack of retention and duplication. If you spend the time to teach you and guide you so that you will achieve success, you will be rewarded. That is a fact! Become a magnetic sponsor is simple when you receive the proper training to develop your leadership. This is the key. And if you are not yet a leader or a good leader, I recommend working on this topic. It is strictly necessary. ch. If you want to get fans you need to become a leader. Maybe at the beginning you’re a follower, but then develop your leadership can get followers The leadership development is a process, like everything else in our life. I hope that you put in practice these tips that I have shared with you and that can become magnetic sponsor you need to be.

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