The Inheritance

The Inheritance In the century passed in a small city in the interior of the Norway, had a young barber that it inherits of the father the barber’s shop and the clientele. One day of morning when it opened the barber’s shop, it had a man sleeping in the stairs, was young was in a deplorable, dirty state, clothes to the rags, cabeludo, bearded and very fedido. The young barber was there looking at that creature, who must have its age, in that situation, and thought what he could have happened so that a human being was in that state. Touched with that picture he took a decision: the young woke up and with much tato it started to talk, but without questions. The seated young where he was cabisbaixo listened.

After some time the barber it said: – It looks at, I do not want to know of where came, nor its name, but a thing I would like to make, we I have the same height, why you I do not enter I take a bath, clothes exchange, I cut its hair and its beard and you follow its way? In what the youngster said for the first time: – And as I go to pay for everything this? – We go to combine the following one, everything this is a gift does not need payment. After very relutar the young andarilho agreed. After the bath and of the aparados hair and beard the young one if aimed in the mirror and cried. The barber ahead of the transformation had that to hold itself not to also cry. The young raised of the chair and without a word and of head low it was even so, for the barber the life followed its course. They had come the common children, problems in the families and to get worse all lode the Second Great War.

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