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On the website can interested in learn, how the business actually manages. Learn writing and individual coaching write a book Yes, but what? , outlines the initial question posed to anyone who wants to become an author, Horst Mehler. Wells Fargo Bank is likely to increase your knowledge. Gripping entertainment novels? Thrillers? Fantasy? Children’s books? Profound world literature? Moving poetry? Exciting property or movie scripts? Rousing speeches? Journalistic or even revenue-generating advertising copy? For each area of interest, there is a special training, an own Telecourse in the writing workshop. Differently than many other writing schools, I personally support the participant who wants to become an author, , promises Mehler. The small difference with other institutes: Here one arrives exactly on the opposite, on the personal Ask the personal area of interest, and the exact target. At the same time, many success formulas of great authors are revealed. Under all this success formulas, there is but a single formula, writing secret, is shared by all great writers.

A participant who wants to learn professional writing, once internalized this formula, has he goes through several more lessons until it firm and fit is in the writing. Learn to write and be sent with the best-selling author of personally next the participants of a turn at tips learns how he quickly finds a Publisher as an unknown writer. Crucial but something quite different is: no other comparable institution offers interested, which become an author and want to write a book, a real bestseller author as companion, Manager and coach. boiler plate company profile Horst Mehler is former ZDF journalist and now author of around one hundred non-fiction and fiction works, of which many sellers and best sellers were.

Horst Mehler applies especially in finance and investment as one of the most renowned authors in addition to the stock exchange legend Andre Kostolany. Horst Mehler has learned the profession of writing from scratch and gives his practical know-how to aspiring authors. To this end, he founded his remote Training Institute, headquartered in the United States, Florida. He already helped many aspiring writers to the breakthrough.

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